• २०७५ माघ ८ मंगलबार / Tuesday, January 22

104 register for divorce in two months

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 A total of 104 cases have been filed at the district court in Deukhuri Dang seeking divorce in the past two months. 

Of them 57 are men and 47 are women, and the cases were registered since the new Civil Code came into being on August 17, according to records keeper at the court, Chudamani Regmi. 

The new Code allows men also to also directly register a case in the court seeking divorce. Earlier, they had to come through the ward and village committees. 

In the previous fiscal year, 640 cases of divorce had been filed at the court with 495 of them resolved i.e. 495 couples divorced. The majority of the reasons couples seeking divorce are family dispute, foreign employment, hasty decision, love marriage and newer generation seeking more freedom, Regmi said. 

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